Knowing that your size may vary from one brand to another because each brand has its own Last Pattern, we give some  instructions to help you to choose properly your size.

With these following images you could be able to know in an objective way which is your feet measurements.

For ordering our shoes we will need to receive your usual EU size (i.e. 41) and your feet measurements in cm. In case our tables do not match with the info you provided, one of our agents will contact you by email to concrete the order.

For having your measurements please follow these images.

How to know my foot size


Length is measured from the WALL to the farest point of your feet. The heel must be touching the wall. Look for the gap between the wall and the heel. The foot must be naked, without socks


Width is measured by put your inner side of your foot touching a wall. The width of your foot is the measure in cm from the point that is touching the wall until the point of the join of your little toe. Also, the foot must be naked, without socks