Savoy Cats your best shoes

SAVOY CATS was founded in 2013. After several years working on leather industry, Abel Susín decided to create a footwear to make dancers had the best shoes for dancing and performing, always having a deep looking in fashion.

Our shoes and boots are sold all over the world, many people trust in Savoy Cats brand, because they know the quality label that represents.

Savoy Cats are focused in combining street style mixed with the elegance dress code of ballroom, so our shoes and boots are the best option to wear in any occasion.

Casual, street style, business meetings, weddings, dance events

We are a very experienced brand with strong will and with the aim of continuously improving, day by day

Why Savoy Cats?

We have years of experience in making leather shoes. We use the best materials, best procedures and techniques, inherited from leather masters throughout several generations. Our shoes adapt perfectly to your feet because of the cork layer between the sole and the insole that make your shoes unique and just for you.

Thanks to the double stitched manufacturing, strength and long duration of your shoes are guaranteed. Our shoes are created with the Goodyear welt system, the best tecnique for creating shoes. This is because all of their layers such as leather, sole, in-sole and inner-sole layer, are strongly stitched composing a solid base from where to create the shoe.

Our shoes will last forever if you take care of them.

Best dancers worldwide wear SAVOY CATS